God Speaks: The Reason We Are Here On Earth

God Speaks: The Reason We Are Here On Earth
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There is a reason that we are all here in this world, and it is all about the discovery of your Self. Your Self, that very real part of you that is wanting to bring forth something so spectacular. But it is only when we are aware of that which we are, that we can go on and discover that which we bring.

Most of the time you have thought of yourself as the image that you see in the mirror. Even that is a warped image, as your mind is telling you that you are too big, too tall, not pretty enough or too overdressed. Here is where your mind plays tricks on you.

You are just brilliant! You are a creation of the Infinite here on earth. And you brought yourself here through a process of creation.

Creation has never been as magnificent, as the day that you all were created by Me. You see, much was created, but only when I put my mind to creating a man that could laugh, and talk and share emotions without wanting in return, then everything somehow seemed as though it would all be created perfectly.

But see, I had a problem with that, because if everything was just as I had created, so made in My image and likeness, then all the distractions would not be possible as you would need something else to be able to make the whole thing interesting.

That little sliver of freewill, threw this beautiful spiritual game to it's full extent. Between your freewill and the Universal Laws that have been put into place, you become the powerful manifestor of all your dreams. Everything you think and feel will be reflected back to you. Impressive, huh?

It's a beautiful expression of Love, if that is what you desire to feel. Within you is that possibility. But what if you choose to live from fear? Then what?

Then you will experience the effect of that too. You are at cause of all that you do.

And when you become aware that you are in control of everything that is happening to you right here, right now. Then everything will change. Everything will shift for you as you begin to change and allow the Truth of who you are to emerge.

It is always about who you are Being in the world. It is so important to know this. This changes everything you do. And the more you realize that greatness is you, then you will have the power to create. The power to see what you search all over for, and yet it lives in you right now.

It is Done.

In One, In All, In Love. Amen.

How It All Began .....
It started with me having a thought, and then my thought was corrected. Every thought that did not serve was automatically corrected to Truth. I knew it was God transforming my mind. I then began to ask questions and received Love and Wisdom through His Words. What I can access, is available to All. With God all things are possible. This is not about me, it is what is possible through Him.

In One, In All, In Love .... is how He ends His messages to me.

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