GOD Speaks: What Are You Here to Be?


There is a way that we live in this world that has been given to us that we seem to take for granted.

I want you to ask a question about what it is, that you want to be here on earth.

'What are you here to do... to BE?'

That is the question that I want you to ponder over and over today.

There is a magnificence that you have here, that has been given to you, and yet you do not see it right now. There is nothing that you are not being given to push you towards your Greatness.

You are a magnificent Creation of Mine. There is much that you need to Be and do here on earth, the possibilities are endless. Yet you need to find the one thing that makes you thrive, makes you everything that you were Created to Be.

How many times have you wondered, 'What is it that I am here to Be? What's my special place in the world?'

There is much to do here, but what I want you to find, is 'that thing' that is going to Light you up, to make you thrive.

You have gifts within you, and they are not for you, they are for others to enjoy. You were created to serve others, I Created you with this in mind.

You are perfect right now.

I know you. I love you.
And together we are One.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.

How It All Began .....

It started with me having a thought, and then my thought was corrected. Every thought that did not serve was automatically corrected to Truth. I knew it was God transforming my mind. I then began to ask questions and received Love and Wisdom through His Words. What I can access, is available to All. With God all things are possible. This is not about me, it is what is possible through Him.

In One, In All, In Love .... is how He ends His messages to me.

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