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With the spate of books and articles that deny God's existence currently selling big in the U.S., the seemingly ageless spirit felt moved to talk about the "confused, frightened" human condition of the moment.
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God rarely does interviews anymore, due mostly to the present state of human consciousness, but also because the famous deity has little new to say. Yet, with the spate of books and articles that deny God's existence currently selling big in the U.S., the seemingly ageless spirit felt moved to talk about the "confused, frightened" human condition of the moment.

Confused and frightened, are we?

Oh, please. Yes. Very much so.

Could you elaborate?

Well, read the front page of any major newspaper for a start. And from there it goes quickly downhill.

That's an awfully pessimistic view, coming from you.

Pessimism is merely a mood. What I'm describing is your present reality. I don't know how you can stand to live under such conditions.

Don't you have some responsibility for the way the world is?

See, this is one of the major problems. You are looking for outside help when all the answers lie within each and every one of you.

How do you feel about those who say you don't exist?

They're right, to a certain degree. I don't exist -- not in the way most people believe. I don't sit on a throne, I don't live in the clouds, I don't concern myself with everybody's private emotions or activities on a constant basis. That's madness.

Well, then, how do I know I'm even talking to you?

You don't. This may be all in your head. That's for you to decide.

So, I might be crazy?

Or pretentious. Or desperate. But you might also be searching for meaning and a personal, hopefully, universal truth. Like I said, it's all in there.

The whole "God is in us" belief is the correct one?

No. This isn't either/or. Those who want to control others insist on that kind of thinking, whether religious or secular. But this isn't a binary world, which I thought by now would be clearly evident. Yet, for too many people, it's not. They keep clinging to the old forms.

You're being elusive.

Not really. This plane of existence contains countless energies, a good number of which are unseen. You swim through them daily, perhaps unaware that they exist. But not only do they exist, they can be used to further one's consciousness, which, over time, can become a collective awareness. Science keeps discovering them, or rather, revealing their existence. But the human heart, if you will, is far, far from that reality. You seem to prefer division, strife, tribalism, and greed. And pain! How you people love pain. It's like owning a Jaguar, but insisting that you push it down the road rather than sit in the driver's seat and enjoy the ride. It's frustrating to watch, let me tell you.

The spirit must evolve, you mean.

Well, "spirit" is misleading. I prefer consciousness, but it's all interwoven. And the thing is, people know of its power. Whenever you express love for another person, or are part of an audience that appreciates a certain performance, or any activity that positively connects people, you get a taste of transcendence. Think about the feeling you have in those moments, then imagine living that way all of the time. It's do-able, trust me.

And you oversee all this?

Of course not. Again, it's you who have the power. I'm just the name you give to something that's always there, waiting to be used and developed. Personally, I wish the whole "God" concept would go away. It so misses the larger point.

So you don't approve of established religion?

Why would I?! Most of that is sheer insanity. And it serves as a barrier to deeper truths. Religious leaders routinely kill god in order to please God. They are dangerous, ignorant fools, and far too many people give them the power to destroy life as well as love. It's the slave mentality gone berserk.

Jesus, Moses, Mohammad -- none of these prophets spoke on your behalf?

People claim to speak on "my" behalf all the time. I can't stop them, nor would I want to. As for the three figures you mentioned, well, that's your choice.

Everything comes back to that, doesn't it?

Yeah. Ain't life crazy?

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