What The Boss Had To Say About GoDaddy's 'I Quit' Super Bowl Ad

Boss Has 'Epic' Reaction To Super Bowl 'I Quit' Ad

One very courageous woman used Super Bowl ad space to quit her job, and, as it turns out, her boss was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

"I quit," 36-year-old Gwen Dean said while holding a blue puppet in GoDaddy's commercial Sunday. "Ciao, baby."

After the ad aired, Dean emailed her boss -- who had no idea about the plan -- and put in her two weeks' notice.

How does she describe her boss' reaction? “It was epic,” Dean told NBC's "Today" Monday morning, adding that her boss texted her, "You've got to be kidding. Wow, great commercial."

Dean has worked as a machine engineer for 18 years, but her real passion has always been puppet-making, according to her website, PuppetsbyGwen.com, which was created using GoDaddy's website-building service.

She goes on to explain her life-changing move, writing:

Yes, I may have manufactured a whopping 65 million gallons of chilled water over my 18-year career operating large tonnage refrigeration machinery.

But…it’s puppets and their interaction with children that have been my real love since childhood. From the days of my father animating my favorite teddy bear to the fun-filled magic of my puppet shows today, infectious laughter and energetic conversations between children and puppets are pure passion for me.

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