GoDaddy Hopes Super Bowl Bodybuilder Ad Will Pump You Up (VIDEO)

GoDaddy, which earned its Super Bowl reputation with ads featuring cheesecake, has now gone full beefcake.

One of its two Super Bowl commercials, posted Wednesday, features a herd of bodybuilders and a muscle-suited Danica Patrick. Their destination? A spray-tan salon that, of course, got noticed by using GoDaddy's website-building and "Get Found" technology.

The ad will air in the second half of the Feb. 2-scheduled big game, GoDaddy said in a press release. This is the 10th straight Super Bowl for the domain registrar.

Last year, GoDaddy gave nerds equal time with a spot that had model Bar Refaeli going full lip-lock with cherubic-faced actor Jesse Heiman.

This time -- at least in this 30-second, approximately $4 million ad -- the buff get to show their stuff.