Goldman Sachs: Let Me Count the Ways You Offend Us

How do you offend us, Goldman Sachs? Let me count the ways:

You get nearly interest-free loans from the Fed at taxpayer expense and then you welch on your end of the deal.

Instead of investing that money to grow the economy you foster predatory lending to our more vulnerable citizens, to feed your derivative gambling.

You pocket fortunes from your unregulated trading games and stick the taxpayers with the losses.

You pay lower tax rates on your 8, 9 and 10 figure incomes than the truck drivers, hairdressers and other middle class Americans who, in a supreme travesty of justice, are forced to subsidize you.

Your lobbyists gut our political rights, cost us and our grandchildren trillions in taxes and debt to subsidize you and, perhaps worst of all, make a mockery of the sacrifices our loved ones and ancestors made to keep us strong and free.

Your PR campaigns and media minions lie to us and foster hate against scapegoats for your iniquities.

To top it all off, many of you subscribe to disgusting ideologies, such as Objectivism and Christianism, that richly deserve to be and, mark my words, will be thrown on the ashheap of history - ideologies that hold you entitled to exploit, cheat, lie to and otherwise abuse the rest of humanity.

The next time you dispatch your armies of lobbyists to Congress, you might as well tell them to take a short detour to Arlington National Cemetary and piss on the graves there.

Trust me, it won't make your offenses any worse than they already are.