"Gods, Myths And Mortals" Brings Ancient Greece To Modern Chicago (PHOTOS)

Do you feel as if you were born in the wrong era? Do you watch "Hercules" on repeat? Act out "The Odyssey" by yourself? Have too much fun at toga parties? If you feel in your bones as if Ancient Greece is where you truly belong, we have great news: The birthplace of modern civilization is back, and this time you won't have to worry about Trojan Horses.

"Gods, Myths and Mortals" is a new family-friendly exhibition at the National Hellenic Museum, which is dedicated to all things Greek from ancient history to current events. This exhibition lets visitors experience ancient Greek daily life and interact with "The Odyssey" in over 25 different ways. (One of which is climbing into a 13 foot tall Trojan Horse.) The press release also claims visitors will "meet the gods"... we're intrigued.

This exhibition is a rare combination of history, legend, fantasy and fun (just like Ancient Greece itself.) Use your kids as an excuse and climb into that Trojan Horse. "Gods, Myths and Mortals" will show at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago until September 2.

See a preview of the excitement below: