Going Inside Call of Duty's Advanced Warfare

It has been an awesome second season of Hardwired and I'm back for one last bonus episode! In this bonus episode of Hardwired 2.0, I got to travel to the set of one of my favorite video games ever -- CALL OF DUTY!

As you all probably already know, I am absolutely obsessed with Call of Duty! I met with COD's Creative Director Bret Robbins and Animation Director Chris Stone to get a sneak peak at the new Advanced Warfare game that is coming out this November. This is going to be a totally different Call of Duty experience -- it is set 40 years in the future and features new weapons, new abilities and new powers. They are also using the latest motion capture technology to perfectly capture the actors' movements and expressions to create insanely realistic characters!

After learning what the game is all about, I got to put on my own motion capture suit and got to act in the game. The suit even has a helmet that holds a camera right in front of your face! Wouldn't that be great for vlogging? Don't forget, I tried out motion capture earlier in our Gaming Tech episode and loved it! This time, my character got shot and died but as we were filming the scene I was so excited that it was hard not to laugh!

After seeing all of this first hand I am more excited than ever for Advanced Warfare. The game will be available November 4th but hopefully I can get my hands on an advanced copy because I cannot wait that long!

What is your favorite Call of Duty game? Thanks so much for a great season of Hardwired 2.0! Join the conversation by tweeting @aoloriginals, @ijustine, #AolHardwired #gethardwired!

Call of Duty - Hardwired Bonus with iJustine