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Going on an All-Inclusive? Prevent Weight Gain With These 3 Tips!

Going on an all-inclusive can be and should be a lot of fun. You're going on vacation and you have the right to enjoy every minute of your trip. You have the ability to exercise, enjoy new foods and drink alcohol without gaining even a single pound.
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You did it. You just booked a trip with you and your friends (or your significant other) and are ready to hit the beach and the drinks. When many people book a trip like this, they see it as an opportunity to binge eat and drink until "they can't remember how they got back to their room" (I won't share who recently said this to me because I know they are reading this post!). Like most people, you want to relax, enjoy the warm weather, take advantage of the free alcohol and of course, hit the buffet for every meal. This all sounds like a lot of fun until day 7 when you look in the mirror and say "ugh." Ring a bell?

Before you dive into the Piña coladas, take a look at these 3 tips to prevent weight gain on your next all-inclusive trip!

Tip # 1 -- You MUST Exercise

"But Karan, why would I want to exercise when I'm on vacation?" -- what I often hear the most.

Just because you are on vacation doesn't give you an excuse to not take care of your body. Chances are you will be awake for 16-17 hours/day during your vacation. There's only so much lazing around the pool you can do until you get bored. Take 30-60 minutes out of your day and engage in some sort of physical activity. You don't need to go in the gym or even do a workout. Go for a long walk and explore the beach. Play some beach/pool volleyball and make some new friends. The last resort I was at had daily activities scheduled throughout the day that would encourage physical activity. There's no reason to spend 8-10 hours/day sitting on your ass doing NOTHING. Get in the water, build a sandcastle and most importantly, try to be a kid again!

Tip # 2 -- Enjoy GOOD Food

BBQ chicken, fresh fish, local cuisine... my mouth is watering just thinking about these foods. There are generally over 40 different types of foods that most resorts offer. Like a typical buffet in your hometown, the foods range from fried to grilled to baked, etc. The food is often very delicious (depending on the resort) and it's easy to get carried away, knowing that you have an all access pass for the week. Here are a few tips that I used during my last all-inclusive vacation that helped me keep the pounds off:

Breakfast: Focus on eggs, lean meats and vegetables. Every morning you should be eating a huge omelet with onions, mushrooms, peppers, the works! Get one plate and load it up as much as you can, and try not to go back for a second helping. Avoid the muffins, cakes and all that other crap that is really a dessert in disguise. Tip: if you really have a craving in the morning, add a little bit of cheese to the omelet.

Lunch: Fill up half of your plate with vegetables and the other half with a protein source. Try the local flavors and twists on chicken, beef, lamb, etc. Avoid bread, rice and other fillers on your plate that will make you hungry again shortly after. Go back for seconds and eat as much as you want, but focus on vegetables and meat sources. Tip: eat spicy food that will force you to drink more water.

Dinner: Enjoy yourself. Splurge a little without getting carried away. Eat foods that appeal to you and don't feel obligated to finish them if they don't taste good. Tip: When it comes to dessert, pick one option and that's it. It can be easy to pick up 3-4 smaller dessert items and if they are on your plate, you will find a way to finish them!

Tip # 3 -- Booze Responsibly

The absolute KILLER!

Most feel obligated to drink as much as they can during their all-inclusive stay. This one might be a tough one to swallow for a lot of people. The cocktails and fruity drinks that they feature at most resorts often look very attractive. The colors and smells make you think they are more fruity, instead of boozy. Often times these are the drinks that contain the most calories and sugar, with the least amount of alcohol. Here are a few tips that might help you booze responsibly and keep the pounds off:

Don't drink every single day of your vacation. Aim to take a break from booze every 3rd day. Not only will this keep your energy levels up, but it will also prevent unnecessary weight gain.
Start drinking with your supper, and not a minute earlier. If you start around lunch time, you will be tempted to continuously keep your glass full.

If you taste something and it's the most delicious drink you have ever had, chances are it contains more sugar than you can imagine. Similar to above, have this drink every 2nd or 3rd day and cap it there.

Going on an all-inclusive can be and should be a lot of fun. You're going on vacation and you have the right to enjoy every minute of your trip. You have the ability to exercise, enjoy new foods and drink alcohol without gaining even a single pound.

The choice is yours.

Have you recently gone or are planning an all-inclusive trip?

If so, what tips can you share with other readers that have helped you stay fit?!

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