"Going Rogue" Goes Rogue: Sarah Palin's Book Shoots Rachel Maddow, FBI Agents In "Late Night" Sketch (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" was everywhere--every media outlet in the States has done at least a dozen pieces about it. Well now it's nowhere to be found: "Going Rogue" has gone rogue. It picked up a gun, snuck off the set of "Late Night," evaded FBI capture, shot Rachel Maddow and went to meet up with its lover.

This was all part of a sketch last night on Jimmy Fallon's show that was equal parts crazypants and hilarious. They used every fugitive-on-the-run cliche to give the book a life of its own. The only part we found unrealistic was that "Going Rogue" shacked up with "New Moon." We're pretty sure a fantasy book about vampires is too godless for that to be accurate. More likely it would have hopped in bed with Norman Podhoretz's "Why We Were in Vietnam" or Irving Kristol's "Two Cheers for Capitalism."