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<i>Going Rogue</i>, Going Rouge, Going Red

We couldn't help but wonder if Sarah Palin were invited to the state dinner for the Indian PM... would she show up in a buckskin dress packing a quiver of arrows?
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Chalk it up to pre-traumatic-Thanksgiving-stress-syndrome, we've been lying awake for nights obsessing about the big O's big state dinner, and our imagination has been working overtime. After all, what better distraction from imminent family holiday dysfunction than fretting about someone else's party and worrying about someone else's attire?

Four Hundred Invited: Tent Needed

This size mob and we're not in? Aren't we supposed to be living in a new more democratic era? While being left off the list is not a first, this year it really got under our skin; you know how it is, with this little recession thing-y going on we're in desperate need of a mega-dose of festive splendor. We've calmed ourselves down by putting just the right spin on it (hey, it's D.C.): now we don't have to spend our tightly budgeted cash on a new ball gown. And we won't waste precious time scouring consignment stores for cast-off's from the last state dinner.

It's a good thing to party.

Yes, the economy sucks. But everyone needs to find something to celebrate. Sackcloth and ashes should be reserved for death. Get pleasure where you can is our motto. Besides, do we want to look like a Banana Republic, unable to fete another emerging super power in great style? Hell, no. It's bad for business.

Who's paying for the shindig?

The Big Man on Campus just got back from reassuring the Chinese that we'll make good on all that money we've borrowed. Timing is everything, so we've had so much fun thinking that China is helping finance this little shindig on the lawn honoring of all countries -- India.

Beware the Marie Antoinette Syndrome

It's tricky to have really big parties, serve yummy layer cake, and dress like a queen when unemployment is 10.2%. Michelle O is a wise woman and has the good fashion sense to mix J. Crew (a democratic mass favorite) with up-and-comers like Jason Wu and Sophie Theallet. As big supporters of rising fresh talent, we applaud her style and forward thinking. The big question we've been pondering during the wee hours: what color should Michelle's dress be? (See below)

Going Rogue, Going Rouge, Seeing Red

It's like some bad ditty we can't get out of our head. Everywhere we go: print, online, television, bookstores -- Going Rogue, Going Rogue, Going Rogue. It practically forced us to buy an antidote -- the book Going Rouge. And, since we're so associative it made us think about women in red (plus the new Neiman Marcus catalog just arrived in the mail -- it's full of drop-dead gorgeous red dresses). Truth be told, we can think of no more perfect color for the dress Michelle should wear tonight than -- red. Leadership is about symbolism. What better way to reflect our Nation's balance sheet?

What would Sarah wear?

This leaves us with one closing thought. We couldn't help but wonder if Sarah Palin were invited to the state dinner for the Indian PM... would she show up in a buckskin dress packing a quiver of arrows?