Going Somewhere? Travel in Style With These 8 Savvy C-Suite Travel Tips

It's a rare treat that I am in one place for longer than a few days. Usually, it's when I make time to go out to South Dakota for a week, around the time when my horses need their hooves trimmed. Most of the time, I am in the air traveling from one speaking event to client meeting to filming location after another.

C-Suite executives tend to have the same travel schedule. Very rarely are they in one place for an extended period of time. With that type of travel schedule, you learn the leanest way to pack and still have everything you need with you.

Here are my top eight tips and tricks if you're looking to learn how to pack, travel, and do business like the C-Suite:

  1. Tide to Go. I don't go anywhere without my Tide Pen. I keep one in my computer bag, travel bag, and even in a drawer in my offices. It's great for those moments when you're on the run and don't have the time (or ability) to stop in a washroom and get the stain out.
  2. Mini-Power Strip. How often do you get into a hotel room and there's one open socket, and you have to choose between having a light on or charging your phone. Or when you're at a conference and all of the outlets are in use? Remove the headache and invest in a mini-power strip. You'll be glad you did!
  3. Mobile Charger. I am on my phone and iPad constantly, so the battery lives on those devices are short and sweet. A mini-rapid charger is in my bag at all times. It's one of those things you don't think you'll need, then you're in a taxi or on the train and can't get to an outlet to charge your phone and finish that important sales call.
  4. Sample Size Toiletries. Yes, this one is pretty obvious but there are countless times I am in the security line at the airport and someone is holding up the line, digging out full bottles of shampoo or some other liquid to dispose of. Do yourself (and those traveling with you) and keep sample size toiletries with you. This includes a toothbrush and toothpaste. That way, when you're not traveling you can keep it in one bag, and grab it all when you need it - never leaving anything behind.
  5. Grid-It by Cocoon. Chargers, cords, or other electronic gadgets that would regularly all get tossed into a pouch and jostle around now have a secure, safe home. Every loose item I have, whether it's my business cards, chargers, mini-power strip, or mouse, all have a spot on my Grid-It. Because it's flat, it takes up very little room, even if it is completely full.
  6. MiFi. To get any business done without the Internet is nearly impossible these days. Invariably something has to be emailed, digitally signed, looked up, or confirmed. There are places that have great WiFi that you can hop on, but other places have it guarded by lock and key. Skip asking for the password and carry a MiFi with you. That way, you can have the Internet wherever you are.
  7. Tumi. Hands down, Tumi has the best travel luggage around. They've got a wide range of products to fit even the pickiest of C-Suite leaders tastes. They're luggage is tough; meaning if your luggage is dropped on the tarmac it doesn't pop open - meaning my cowboy boots are safe. Tumi luggage also has great daily use items and makes a great gift, too!
  8. SCOTTeVEST. Need multiple things readily available to you? Get a SCOTTeVEST jacket, vest, or other apparel item. Multiple pockets means keeping things close and available to you without having to physically hold it all in your hands. When you're rushing from one end of the airport to another that can be extremely helpful!
  9. BONUS Executive Assistant: Although you can't always bring them with you, having an executive assistant who has your back can be both a time saver and a lifesaver. Linda, my executive assistant, is my front line. She's my best app! I talk to her like Siri, and she gets things done. Anyone who wants to talk with me, book time with me, or hire me has to go through her, first. She makes sure I'm on time to where I need to be, and is the master orchestrator behind my day-to-day activities.

Have another C-Suite travel tip? Comment and let me know!