'Going To The Store' Is Going To Change You Forever (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Even Is This?

Every once in a while, the Internet spits out a video so weird, so flabbergasting, that it has no choice but to go viral. Thus is the case with "Going to the Store," a CGI clip by David Lewandowski that he made as part of an episode for his Channel 101 series.

Without the context of the episode, the clip just depicts a naked, genital-less dummy dancing around in public like Lady Gaga's mescaline hallucination. It may sound weird, sure, but it's a good kind of weird. And apparently the Internet agrees, because the video has gotten over 700,000 hits on YouTube in the three days it's existed. There haven't been many videos in 2011 that have gone this viral this quickly -- so you know there's magic at work.

Before you dive in, know that it's sNSFW on account of some very firm CGI dummy buttocks, but you should still hit "play" if you're dying to know what it feels like to eat peyote and take a stroll through Los Feliz (you are).


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