Anyone Who Pays $10,000 For A Gold iPhone Must Think It's Really Gold

You Won't Believe How Much Gold iPhones Are Selling For On eBay

We're starting to think that people believe Apple's new gold-colored iPhone 5S is actually made of gold.

Why else would anyone pay more than 50 times its retail value of $199 on eBay? But sure enough, some Apple enthusiast just paid $10,100 for a "VERY HARD TO FIND" 16GB gold iPhone 5s. In fact, he or she was just one of 51 bidders on the highly sought after device:

iphone ebay

It's true, gold-colored iPhones are hard to come by after they went on backorder until October. Some people waited in line for weeks for the gold phone to no avail. This has created a completely ridiculous black market for the device on eBay, where multiple people are posting the phone for thousands of dollars:

gold iphone

gold iphone ebay

gold iphone ebay apple

People are also posting to Craigslist with similarly insane price points for the backordered phone:

craislist iphone

gold iphone craigslist

The sad reality is that anyone who actually pays this much for the champagne-tinted phone may regret their decision. In order to meet the unexpected demand, Apple has decided to increase production of the gold iPhone by one-third, The Wall Street Journal reported, meaning that soon enough this hue of iPhone will be widely available at normal prices.

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