Gold-plated AK-47 Machine Gun Seized By Authorities In Honduras

Some people have too much money.

Why else would someone purchase a gold-plated AK-47, like the one recently retrieved by authorities in Honduras?

The golden assault rifle, which was studded with diamonds to make it fancy, was seized during a raid on a ranch reportedly owned by drug traffickers, according to

The jewel-encrusted machine gun, which comes with two silver magazines, has an estimated worth of $50,000, according to the BBC, which reported that officials retrieved the rifle during a raid at a ranch 186 miles from Tegucigalpa, the capital city.

Other items seized during the raid weren't as shiny, but were no less dangerous, including grenades, night-vision kits, ammunition, bullet proof vests, and 11 cars, GeoBeats reported.

Marlen Banegas, a chief prosecutor, told reporters that evidence suggests the gold gun and other weapons seized during the raid belong to the Zetas, a violent drug cartel founded by military deserters in Mexico, the Australian newspaper reported.



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