'Golden Girls' Remake With Senior Dogs Is Beyond Adorable

Thank you for being man's best friend.

For years, Sophia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche were four of our best friends. But now there's a new set of "Golden Girls" on the block, the four-legged kind, and no doubt these friends are way cuter. 

Meet the "Golden Dogs." To raise awareness for the ASPCA's Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month, Mashable put together this adorable video featuring some of the older animals. It stars none other than Bea Fur, Doggy White, Ruff McClanahan and, of course, Spanielle Getty. The dogs are aged 5 to 9 and two of them, Tahini and Boo Boo, both 5-years-old, are still up for adoption, a media representative for the ASPCA  confirmed to The Huffington Post. The other two dogs have found homes. 

"We find that any ‘older’ dog can have a more difficult time finding a home so we are always enthusiastic about ways to promote our adult dogs," the ASPCA said in an email. 

Here at Huff/Post 50, we believe age is just a number and you certainly can teach an "old" dog new tricks. 

Let's find some homes for these older, wiser dogs. 

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