Golden Globes Can't Tell The Difference Between America Ferrera And Gina Rodriguez

Nope, not the same person.

Someone on the Golden Globes social media team skipped the fact checking Thursday morning. 

Ahead of their 2016 nominations announcement, the Golden Globes Twitter account sent out photos of presenters Angela Bassett, Chloë Grace Moretz, Dennis Quaid and America Ferrera to get their followers excited. However, they misidentified Ferrera as fellow Latina actress, Gina Rodriguez. And they didn't just do it once. No, it happened twice.

Yeah, pretty huge fail. It's bad enough to mistake one actress for another, but it's also just a silly mistake that could have easily been avoided. (Shouldn't the team have known Ferrera was set to present before they even sent one tweet out about the event?)

Worst of all, these gaffes seem to happen so much more when non-white actors are the subjects (read: Alfre Woodard getting mistaken for Idris Elba, Octavia Spencer getting mistaken for Sherri Shepherd, Priyanka Chopra getting mistaken for Yukta Mookhey, just to name a few). 

The tweets have since been removed and edited, but we managed to get a couple screenshots.

Just to recap, this is America Ferrera: 


And this is Gina Rodriguez: 

Got it, Golden Globes?  


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