Surprise! Golden Globes Nominations Snubbed All The Good Stuff.

No female film directors. No network television. Plenty of Reese Witherspoon-fronted projects.
Golden Globe nominations left out the good stuff.
Golden Globe nominations left out the good stuff.
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When it comes to the Golden Globe nominations, moviegoers and TV lovers never know what they’re going to get. But this year, our jaws collectively fell to the floor.

The 2020 award show features some of the biggest snubs we’ve seen in Globes history, assuring that they will once again be focused on the red carpet, the boozy acceptance speeches and the international journalists of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who somehow forgot that female directors exist in the world.

HuffPost reporters Leigh Blickley, Cole Delbyck, Erin Evans and Matthew Jacobs talk through some of the shocking surprises in Monday’s nominations.

Reese Witherspoon’s ‘The Morning Show’ nomination

Since she’s producing, starring and Instagramming about no less than 50 projects at a time, famed multitasker Reese Witherspoon was bound to wind up with a Golden Globes nomination this year ― but for “The Morning Show”? If there was one performance from the actress we thought would garner some recognition, it was certainly her turn on “Big Little Lies” this season ― her devastating speech during the school assembly is a career standout. There’s no denying Witherspoon is entertaining as the intrepid reporter on the Apple TV Plus series. But the character of Bradley Jackson feels more like a retread of past roles instead of something that allows Witherspoon to flex new muscles. And that name or wig certainly doesn’t help. ― Cole Delbyck

No callout for Billy Crudup!

Clearly Billy Crudup is the shining star of “The Morning Show” as network executive Cory Ellison, who schemes his way in and out of production drama. He’s brilliant; both likable and gross all at once. Mark Duplass is also a standout performer on the show, but only Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and the show as a whole were selected as nominees. ― Leigh Blickley

Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’ and Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’ directorial efforts forgotten

Imagine getting cast aside to make room for the guy who directed “The Hangover.” (What love potion has Todd Phillips been selling to the HFPA?) Hollywood’s distinguished director couple, who arguably made the best movies of their respective careers, will have to save their Champagne for another night. Gerwig should feel especially bitter, as not a single woman receiving a writing or directing nomination. ― Matthew Jacobs

‘Game of Thrones’ is left in the dust of King’s Landing

Bad reviews aside, “Game of Thrones” was nominated for 32 Emmys this year and took home the top prize for Best Drama Series in September. The HFPA, however, thought Jon Snow’s Kit Harington was the only person worth celebrating at the Globes. Sure, the scripts were garbage and the plot didn’t make sense, but “GoT” is still one of the best shows of the year and deserved to at least be recognized for its groundbreaking eight-season run. Also, how can you not nominate Gwendoline Christie?! And Emilia Clarke shattered our hearts when she went all Mad Queen with Daenerys Targaryen. It’s truly a shame, shame, shame. ― LB

‘Watchmen’ not in Best Television Series ― Drama race

Yes, “Watchmen” was eligible for the Golden Globe noms this year, even though it is finishing its first season run on HBO. There are so many things to love about the series: The performances are stellar (hi, Regina King, Jean Smart, Louis Gossett Jr., Jeremy Irons, and hellllo, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II!) The writing is exceptional, and with its focus on race and white supremacy, the storytelling is as timely as ever. It is the best show on television right now and deserves all the things. ― Erin Evans

Regina King in "Watchmen."
Regina King in "Watchmen."
Mark Hill/HBO

Josh O’Connor isn’t recognized for ‘The Crown’

God save the queen, but what about Josh O’Connor’s Prince Charles? The “God’s Own Country” star went toe to toe with Olivia Colman in the royal drama this year, breathing new life into the series with a devastating portrait of the struggles of a would-be king. O’Connor’s revelatory work found no better showcase in the season’s sixth episode, which saw Prince Charles shipped off to Wales for a semester at a turning point in his young life. O’Connor’s vulnerability made us see Prince Charles in an entirely new light, as he fought to remain an individual under the crushing weight of royal responsibility. The actor is returning for another season, so maybe the Globes will get it right next time around. ― CD

Netflix’s glossy ‘The Politician’ gets some shoutouts

Despite being panned by critics, Ryan Murphy’s uninventive Netflix series “The Politician” earned some nominations, including Best TV Series ― Musical or Comedy, and Best Comedy Actor for Ben Platt. The thing is, out of all the Murphy projects we’ve been blessed with over the years, this one is clearly, well, not good? And it took a spot away from deserving shows, like “Schitt’s Creek” and “The Good Place.” One thing’s for sure, Gwyneth Paltrow is applying a Goop face mask at this very moment. ― LB

‘When They See Us’ snubbed for literally everything

It’s truly mind boggling that “When They See Us,” Netflix’s limited series about five Black teenagers who were wrongly convicted of rape, didn’t nab any nominations. From Ava DuVernay’s spectacular direction, to Jharrel Jerome’s stirring performance as Korey Wise, to the fantastic work of the ensemble cast, the limited series was nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. With this snub, it almost makes you wish the series were eligible for an Oscar nomination. ― EE

Nothing for ‘PEN15’

However irreverent their choices can be, the Golden Globes does have a strong track record of showcasing new voices. So that’s why we thought comics Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle had a shot of breaking into the comedy categories this year for their brilliant work on the Hulu series “PEN15.” The show mines the traumas of middle school with a touch so delicate and brutal that you can’t help but be triggered to reflect on your own experiences. “PEN15” is not only equal parts uproarious and horrifying ― we won’t be forgetting that thong episode anytime soon ― but packs an emotional punch that elevates the series beyond the expected schoolyard humor. ― CD

Hulu series
Hulu series

What about Zendaya and ‘Euphoria’?

Not one nomination for HBO’s “Euphoria,” and it’s a shame because Zendaya Coleman is stellar in her portrayal of Rue, a 17-year-old who is addicted to drugs. She takes viewers into the dizzying world of teenage life in a way that deserves recognition. That “Euphoria” centers on a black girl’s coming-of-age story is also revolutionary in itself and would have been a standout nomination for Zendaya in a category filled with white actresses. ― EE

Lupita Nyong’o deserved more

When men turn in physically grueling performances, we shower them with adulation (see: Joaquin Phoenix in “Joker”). So where’s the appreciation for Lupita Nyong’o’s precise, daunting work in “Us”? She had to create two polar-opposite characters, each with distinct mannerisms, voices and ambiances, while maintaining horror-movie stamina.MJ

So, network TV’s over?

Even though the Golden Globe Awards will air on NBC, the network, as well as its competitors ABC, CBS, Fox and The CW, were all left out of the major categories. “This Is Us” was left out of the Drama Series race, and the show’s stars were not recognized in their respective acting categories. “The Good Place” was also forgotten, as were comedies like “Black-ish” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” ― LB

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