Golden Globes Security: Behind The Scenes

VIDEO: Beverly Hills PD Gives Behind-The-Scenes Look At Security

Via the Hollywood Foreign Press Association: The Beverly Hills Police Department has given a behind-the-scenes look at security detail for this weekend's Golden Globes awards. Between having to herd celebrities, fans in the bleacher seats, and zealous celebrity reporters, the Beverly Hills police department also has to coordinate local, state and federal law enforcement. Sgt. Brad Cornelius explains the security overload: "any time you have that high of an interest in a show, it extends the vulnerability [in terms of] safety." As for street cred, Cornelius has it in spades. Like any self-respecting angeleno, he pooh-poohs any celebrity fawning: "we don't ask for autographs. We're used to this. We work with these people--not just once a year, for this show... they live in town, we deal with them all the time, and we're used to them."

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