Golden Globes Worst Dressed 2015: See The Stars Who Need New Stylists

The red carpet at a major award show like the Golden Globes provides A-listers with an excellent opportunity to show their sartorial prowess, but unfortunately not all celebs hit it out of the park this time around.

One too many stars showed up in dresses that looked like costumes. A-listers like Lana Del Rey and Keira Knightley fell flat in ensembles better suited for Halloween rather than the red carpet, while Melissa McCarthy and Zosia Mamet's outfits just left us scratching our heads.

Check out the worst-dressed at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards and let us know if you agree with our picks.

Zosia Mamet
Getty Images
The color washes her out and the silhouette seems all wrong for her quirky, edgy sense of style.
Lana Del Rey
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If the Little Mermaid went to the Golden Globes, we imagine she might wear something like this.
Julianne Moore
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The top-half of this dress is perfection, but the feathers at the bottom are confusing. Had this gown just been sparkly and sleek all the way down, this would have been a best-dressed contender.
Lena Dunham
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While this isn't the worst outfit we've ever seen Dunham wear, it's still not great. Can we all just agree that the high-low hem trend should be dead? And her dress is so ill-fitting through the bodice -- she should have visited a tailor before she hit the red carpet.
Tina Fey
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Fey killed it as the host of the Globes, but disappointed in the fashion department. This dress looks like bridal wear gone wrong. The tulip shape is unflattering and her dark shoes are too heavy.
Laura Prepon
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This looks a little witchy, especially with Prepon's dark locks and fair complexion. We wish she had opted for a gown with a bit of color.
Felicity Jones
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While the color of Jones' dress is stunning, there is just way too much volume. This silhouette seems a little dated for the young actress -- this particular style may have worked better on a more mature celebrity.
Kerry Washington
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Kerry Washington came as barbie to the Golden Globes this year and we didn't like it. Also, she really should have just carried the hem down to the floor as this length is rather awkward. And we're not sold on her decision to wear two-tone shoes as something strappy and one color would have worked better.
Melissa McCarthy
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There are few things we love more than a woman in menswear, but this is just falling flat. The billowy sleeves are adding too much volume up top, and the sparkly bow combined with the tiered skirt and the red peep-toe pumps are all competing for our attention.
Keira Knightley
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Keira Knightley's maternity style is usually so on point, but this ensemble is failing hard. The ruffled bib and tiered skirt is giving us "Little House on the Prairie" vibes and come on, insects have no place on the red carpet.
Jennifer Lopez
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There is no arguing that J.Lo has one of the best bodies in the biz, but this dress is so tired -- it's all she ever wears. We wish she had gone from something less flashy and more sophisticated.
Tiziana Rocca
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NOPE. Just no.
The 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet