Watch This Golden Retriever Go On A Delightful Rampage During Obedience Competition

WATCH: Golden Retriever Goes On Delightful Rampage During Obedience Competition

Alright dog, you have two choices:

Option A) Run through this gauntlet of treats and toys, paying attention to none of them, for which you will be rewarded at the end with a scratch on the head.

Option B) Throw out every last bit of obedience training you've ever received and live it up, because life is short, and treats? Treats are meant to be eaten.

This golden retriever might not be the most well-behaved dog of the group, but his tail is wagging more for a reason. Hey -- if you had a nose that smelled delicious snacks from a mile away, you'd have a hard time resisting, too.

Way to live it up, buddy.

Good boy!

WATCH the golden retriever's delightfully disobedient rampage, above.

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