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Kitten Becomes Friends With Golden Retriever, Makes Us Want A Winter Snuggle Buddy


After being rejected by her mother in Japan, Imichi, an adorable tabby kitten, found an unlikely new home. Imchi was taken in by animal lover @Jessiepon and Ponzu, a golden retriever, late last year. The pair has been taking care of the newborn over the past few months and nursing her back to health.

Since Imichi's rescue, the fragile kitten has developed a bond with Ponzu, and owner Jessiepon consistently documents their heart-warming friendship (thankfully), via social media for the rest of the world to witness and undoubtedly gush over.

Get ready for the feels, folks...

Meet Imichi

Meet Ponzu

Now experience the magic that is the two of them cuddling together...

And sleeping together...

And enjoying sushi together.

They do arts & crafts...

Share meals together...

And generally just have a good 'ole time.

Imichi stays sassy...

While Ponzu seems to be more of a "go with the flow" kind of pup.

One thing however, is undeniable ... They are the two best friends that anyone could ever have!

Note: Jessiepon is the previous owner of famed Internet cat, Wasabi-chan. Unfortunately, Wasabi-Chan passed away in August of last year. Soon after, Jessiepon and Ponzu brought Imichi into their home. You can follow the adventures of Imichi and Ponzu on Instagram here.

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