This Golden Retriever Puppy Is SO Excited To See Adorable Baby (VIDEO) (UPDATE)

Puppy CANNOT Contain His Excitement At Seeing Baby

What happens when a 2-month-old golden retriever puppy sees an 8-month-old baby girl? Magic, of course.

This energetic pup simply CANNOT contain his excitement. Don't worry -- he makes sure to be gentle.

The video was posted in October 2011. When it resurfaced earlier this year, YouTube commenters lamented over the fact that the clip is a mere 49 seconds long. So jpuhr95 uploaded another clip of the puppy-baby kissfest.

Um, can we say jackpot?

UPDATE Friday, Sept. 13: Awesome news! We found the mother of the baby in this video. On Friday afternoon, Mine Kasapoglu tweeted @HPGoodNews to let us know that the little YouTube star was her daughter, Ella. She also sent us a recent picture of Ella, who is now a little over 2 years old, with their family dog.


We're glad she's still an animal lover!

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