Golden Retriever Puppy Gets A Lesson On How To Use A Slide

Sit. Stay. Slide!

When you're hesitant to try new things, sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction. Or in this case, a "pull."

In this video, posted to YouTube in June, Emily O'Brien filmed her family's nine-year-old golden retriever, Lilly, helping her two-year-old foster sister, Layla, go down a slide.

Layla was hesitant to follow Lilly down the slide and can be seen lingering near the top. That's until Lilly decides to take matters into her own paws.

"I could watch it a million times," Pat O’Brien, Lilly's owner, told ABC News on Tuesday. "It continues to crack me up that she had the wherewithal to take it upon herself to grab the leash and bring the little one down.”

O'Brien added the family is fostering Layla, who has epilepsy, for "As Good As Gold," a golden retriever rescue organization in Illinois, where they live. She'll be available for adoption in the next week or so.