Three Grandmas Twerk Like Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

Never ones to miss out on a new piece of pop culture, reality television and Internet stars the Golden Sisters are showing off their dance moves in a new hilarious video.

The sisters -- Mary, Teresa and Josie -- try their hand at twerking like Miley Cyrus did in her sensational YouTube video for "We Can't Stop." A pop culture phenomenon, twerking is a dance move that involves wobbling and popping one's lower and upper hips.

"I think I would be very good at it," Josie said. "I practiced the watoosie and I got very good at that."

"You got to have a young ass to do that," her older sister Mary said before the three sisters break out their dance moves and twerk, make it rain and drop it to the floor in their kitchen.

This year the Golden Sisters went from YouTube stars (for their hilarious interpretations of the Kim Kardashian sex tape and "Fifty Shades of Grey") to the small screen with their television show on OWN. The season finale of "The Golden Sisters" airs on July 13, with the trio revealing where Mary lost her virginity and more.

Seems like the sisters aren't the only seniors finding out about twerking. The Fine Brothers' most recent "Elders React" video had seniors responding to video of people twerking with amazement.



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