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Goldfish Are Now GMO-Free And Made With Organic Wheat

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There's no snack that quite brings back a wave of nostalgia like Goldfish: They're probably one of the most popular orange-colored comfort foods (right after instant mac n cheese), but your beloved happy crackers are about to undergo a big change.

Introducing, Goldfish made with non-GMO organic wheat. Don't worry they're not replacing normal Goldfish; these trendy snack offerings are just being added to the lineup of fish-shaped crackers.


"Goldfish Made with Organic Wheat expands our offerings to meet the needs of America's evolving young families, while delivering the same delicious taste children and parents have grown to expect from Goldfish," Brian Blanchard, vice president Pepperidge Farm, said in a statement. "As with the introduction of Goldfish Baked with Whole Grain last year, we are always looking to provide wholesome snacking fun and smiles to all families."

They'll be sold at retailers nationwide for $3.99 per bag.

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