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Goldfish Mac & Cheese Is Best Left On The Shelf

Stick with Kraft, if you're gonna go boxed.

There's a time and a place for boxed mac & cheese. We get it -- you've had a bad day, you have no desire to actually cook and that bright blue Kraft box is calling your name. Sure, it offers little nutritional benefit (and food dyes), you know that. But for whatever reason, that artificial cheese sauce just hits the spot. We're with you -- it's okay. Eat the boxed mac & cheese.

You know what else can be a great snack on a bad day? Goldfish. In terms of guilty pleasure processed snacks, Goldfish are pretty much the best. We simply will not tolerate anyone speaking ill about cheddar Goldfish. So when we learned that Goldfish was coming out with boxed mac & cheese, we were intrigued. Available exclusively at Walmart, Goldfish Mac & Cheese is available in four flavors: cheddar, nacho cheese, cheesy pizza and butter parmesan.

Goldfish Mac & Cheese and Goldfish crackers have only one thing in common though: the fish shape. After that, they have nearly nothing in common. Stick to Kraft, folks -- this mac is not worth it at all. If you're still curious to try some, here's how the flavors compare:

Buttered Parmesan: Perhaps the most innocuous of the four, this was almost bland. It was strangely sweet though, and didn't taste much like cheese at all. One editor found the taste reminiscent of Kraft singles. You know what would be just as easy to make? Pasta with butter and parmesan -- nothing else needed.

Cheddar: This is maybe the best flavor, but we still wouldn't call it good. We'd still way prefer regular Goldfish crackers. It's just... meh.

Cheesy Pizza: Oh dear. This was potent. The off-putting orange color gave way to a intensely fake pizza taste that just felt... wrong. It was very heavy on the garlic, and just plain weird.

Nacho Cheese: This really tasted like chemicals. The taste was definitely reminiscent of Doritos but way more synthetic. This was really bad. Avoid.

We wanted to like these but this was really not meant to be.

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