Amy Schumer Says She 'Would Have Loved To Come Out Of' Goldie Hawn

The women co-star in the upcoming movie “Snatched.”


Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, who co-star in the upcoming movie “Snatched,” were on the “The Graham Norton Show” Friday to promote their new film. In the movie, which premieres May 12, Hawn plays Schumer’s mother, so Norton asked the actresses about their off-screen relationship.

“Do you get on in a kind of fun mom-daughter way?” he asked. “Or are you more, like, just regular friends?”

Hawn, 71, responded by saying doesn’t feel an age difference between herself and her 35-year-old co-star, but admitted that she does feel maternal toward her at times.

“I think, as I look at Amy and I watch her, ‘She could’ve been my daughter,’” Hawn said. 

“From your lips to my ears,” Amy replied.

“Could’ve been my daughter — would’ve been a trouble daughter,” Hawn shot back at Schumer. “It would have been someone I had to deal with.”

Then Schumer, living up to her new “trouble daughter” title, responded appropriately to Hawn by saying, “I would have loved to come out of you! Can I say that?” 

Surprisingly, the interview wasn’t a complete trainwreck after Schumer’s comment.

To see more, check out the clip above.