Goldie Hawn's '10 Mindful Minutes' Helps Parents Educate Children

We all came to know Goldie Hawn as the ditzy blonde in Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In" in the late '60s, which put her on the map. Since then, Hawn has gone on to be an award-winning actress, producer, director, singer, author, mother and (again) most recently, grandmother (or “Gogo”, if you’re baby Bingham). Hawn now adds “guru” to her resume and is ready to enlighten the masses with her new book “10 Mindful Minutes”.

Complete with intriguing terms such as metacognition, neurogenesis and hippocampus, “10 Minutes” isn’t your run of the mill self-help book, but rather the product of the Hawn Foundation’s collaboration with leading educators and researchers behind the evidence-based MindUP program.

The MindUP program works with kindergarteners to eight graders to help children manage both their emotions and behavior more effectively by understanding how the mind works at both the psychological and scientific levels.

While MindUP has already been implemented in classrooms all over North America to reduce stress and boost optimism, Hawn has graciously condensed the knowledge, research and expertise into roughly 200 pages for you--your child’s best teacher.

Check out a timeline of Hawn's illustrious career below.