GoldieBlox Demands Change With An Incredible New Music Video

If You Didn't Think This Was The Coolest Toy For Girls Yet, You Will Now

GoldieBlox, the toy company founded by engineer Debbie Sterling, has been chanting about girl power for a year now, and they are only getting louder. The Oakland-based small business is slowly, but surely, hitting the big-time. (They are currently a finalist for a Super Bowl commercial spot.)

The idea for this video, as GoldieBlox says on its website, was to "showcase the amazing inventive power that girls have." So they rewrote the lyrics to "Girls." And they got three (awesome) little girls, six engineers and Brett Doar, the brain behind the OK Go!'s Rube Goldberg machine to turn a regular house a house into a "princess machine."

The contraption is made entirely with toys, and the new lyrics say it all:

"It's time to change!
We deserve to see a range,
cuz all our toys look just the same,
and we would like to use our brains.
We are all more than princess maids..."

BRB, we'll be building -- and dancing -- for a while.

If you're left wondering how the heck they built the thing, GoldieBlox also posted the behind-the-scenes clips with the builders below.

Sabrina, 7

Reese, 6

Raven, 8

The Crew

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GoldieBlox: Photos Of The New Toy

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