GoldieBlox Video Tells Parents To Encourage Daughters To Take Risks, Not Fear Failure

GoldieBlox, the construction toy company that aims to inspire future female engineers, has included empowering music for girls in their past commercials and promos. Now, the brand has tapped rock singer Emily Haines of the band Metric to compose an original song for a new animated video.

"Lightning Strikes" is a true girl power anthem, with lyrics like "So what if I'm not right the first time? So what if I just try 10 more times?," "I'll give it what I've got," and "Watch us making history." You can hear a sample of the song in the above promo video, which also provides enlightening facts about girls and engineering. In the video, text captions explain the importance of teaching girls to take risks and embrace failure.

Citing studies from the American Association of University Women, the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, and Psychology Today, the captions state that girls often don't try new things due to fear of failure -- a mindset which is "learned and not inherent in girls." This could help explain why only 14% of engineers are women, the video suggests, as "Engineers know that failure leads to innovation."

That's why parents should praise effort rather than achievement, the captions note, because doing so will help girls feel "more confident and motivated." Another noteworthy finding cited in the "Lightning Strikes" promo is that girls do worse on math tests when they are reminded of their gender, but the disparity vanishes when they hear that gender does not matter.

The video concludes with a clear message: "Encourage your daughter to take risks. Teach her to fail to help her succeed. Give her the confidence to keep pushing."

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