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GoldieBlox's Super Bowl Ad Shows Companies Need To Think Outside The (Toy) Box

The Super Bowl may have had its fair share of noteworthy commercials, but the GoldieBlox spot definitely won big in the ad game.

GoldieBlox is a toy company that makes engineering and science-geared toys for girls. Its founder, Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer, developed the line to give little girls "more choices than the pink aisle has to offer."

The company scored a free Super Bowl ad after winning a contest held by Intuit, which footed the $4 million bill for the 30-second spot, CNN notes.

In the Goldieblox commercial, young girls can be seen gathering their bubblegum-hued playthings to build a rocket ship, as dumbstruck boys look on.

"I think our ad will stand out in a big way," Sterling told the San Francisco Chronicle before the ad, which was produced by big-time agency RPA, aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. "It will be refreshing to see something empowering for girls during the big game; it should resonate with so many people."

After wining the contest, GoldieBlox added another factory in China to ramp up production in preparation for business the ad would bring.

“It’s amazing that 100 million people are going to see this message about empowering girls,” Sterling told Businessweek. “It’s a huge win for our social mission.”

Girl power, indeed.