GoldieBlox, World's Coolest Toys For Girls, Could Win A Super Bowl TV Spot

Kickass Toy Company Could Break Down Gender Walls With A Super Bowl Spot

Engineer and founder of GoldieBlox construction toys, Debra Sterling, is breaking down gender barriers one block at a time.

First, she created GoldieBlox. Then, she raised over a quarter of a million dollars to launch the product via Kickstarter and made a kickass video to accompany a campaign that got it onto shelves in Toys 'R Us.

Indeed, the Oakland-based small business has come a long way, and now Sterling is a finalist vying for a coveted Super Bowl commercial spot. (Watch her submission above.)

Sterling says that construction toys help young children develop their imagination, spatial skills and building abilities, and gets them interested in subjects like engineering and math. Studies like those conducted at the University of Delaware are on her side.

"For over a hundred years, (construction toys) have been considered 'boys toys'" the GoldieBlox website states. "By designing a construction toy from the female perspective, we aim to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers."

The competition for the Super Bowl commercial is put on by software maker Intuit, and you can vote for one of the finalists on their website through Dec 1st.

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