GoldieBlox 'We Are The Champions' Video Features Girls Who Crush Gender Stereotypes

WATCH: Little Girls Crush Gender Stereotypes In Under 2 Minutes

"More than a princess. We are the champions." Those are the new lyrics -- and the empowering message -- of GoldieBlox's video remake of the famous Queen song. It is a musical manifesto that features little girls with big voices and a big mission.

Engineer Debra Sterling founded GoldieBlox, a toy company aimed at getting girls interested in building, last fall. In the past 10 months, the San Francisco Bay Area-based startup has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. This video is the capstone to a campaign she and her team started to break into Toys 'R' Us.

"The odds are against us. We've been told that GoldieBlox can't survive in mass stores next to Barbie. Convention says that engineering toys for girls are a 'niche' for the affluent, and for the internet. Together, we must prove convention wrong," Sterling wrote on YouTube.

And so, customers are instructed to follow the lead of these little girls in the video -- invade Toys 'R' Us, Tweet or Instagram pictures of GoldieBlox on shelves and pass the message on.

"I want to expose every girl I can to engineering, so my dream was to create a mass market product," Sterling told Forbes.

At least one dad is on board. "I'm sharing this with my daughter as soon as she's old enough to get it. You could too. Totally up to you," Adam Mordecai wrote on Upworthy. And based on the success of GoldieBlox's Kickstarter, we suspect that he won't be the only parent to show support.

According to the San Francisco Business Times, the toy will soon be available in the construction set section at more than 600 Toys 'R' Us locations and online, and will retail for $29.99.

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