Goldman CEO Challenged On-Air By Lou Dobbs

On Tuesday, Lou Dobbs challenged Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, to a fight while on the air. After discussing a new report that 8.8 million American homeowners are now "underwater," Dobbs took offense at Blankfein's dismissal of his earlier claim that the economy was tanking.

Specifically, he noted:

Perhaps Lloyd would like to come on here and show me the error of my ways and educate me perhaps from his lofty Wall Street perch on how millions of Americans are faring and what their prospects are. Lloyd, you certainly -- I would love to have you do it. I would love to have you come on and talk to my face, not to my back, partner. I know it's not the way you do it on Wall Street there, hot shot, but try it here. Come on down. Open invitation.

See the video below:

(From CNN, 2/26)