Golf Baby, 'Peanut,' Drives Like A Pro (VIDEO)

This 17-month-old boy goes by "Peanut," and the Internet is going crazy over how he can crack a golf ball.

In this YouTube video titled "Golf Baby," the talented tot cleanly makes contact time after time with a full swing.

The performance is both impressive and cute. And if you've ever been to a driving range, you know that many adults have trouble hitting the ball squarely.

Of course, the sight of a tyke displaying ability off the tee immediately brings to mind Tiger Woods, who, as Yahoo! pointed out, was showing off his skills on the "Mike Douglas Show" at age 2. (See video below.)

But Peanut's left-handed swing (with a right-handed club, as many YouTube watchers point out) is more reminiscent of southpaw stars, such as Woods rival Phil Mickelson and reigning Masters champ Bubba Watson.

Needless to say, other outlets are picking up on Peanut's viral video. After all, everybody loves a prodigy in the making.

But maybe we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. The Internet is chock full of so-called future champs. And as USA Today notes, the video appears to have been originally posted a few years ago.

Let's give Peanut some time -- and some left-handed clubs.