Gonzales Gets Heated With Sen Specter: "I've Already Said That I Misspoke"

This video from CSPAN is from Thursday's Senate oversight hearing of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' handling of the US Attorney firings.

Around 10:15am, the interchange between GOP Senator Arlen Specter and Alberto Gonzales got particularly heated over the question of Gonzales' preparation. See the rough transcript below the video.


Sen Specter: I know you've been preparing for this hearing

Gonzales: I prepare for every hearing, Senator

Sen Specter: Do you prepare for all your press conferences? Were you prepared for the press conference where you said there weren't any discussions involving you?

Gonzales: Senator, I've already said that I misspoke. It was my mistake....

Sen Specter:...I'm asking you were you prepared. You interjected that you're always prepared. Were you prepared for that press conference?

Gonzoles: Sir I didn't say that I was always prepared. I said I prepared for every hearing.

Sen Specter: Well and I'm asking you do you prepare for your press conferences.

Gonzales: Senator we do take time to try to prepare for the press conference.

Sen Specter: And were you prepared when you said your weren't involved in any deliberations?

Gonzales: Senator, I'v already conceded that I misspoke at that press conference. There was nothing intentional. And the truth of the matter is...

Sen Specter: ...Let's. let's, let's, move on, I don't think you're going to win a debate about your preparation frankly...