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'Gooble Gooble': Trader Joe's Makes Embarrassing Typo In Thanksgiving Stickers

Lisa Brenner of Southern California Public Radio recently took a trip to her local Trader Joe's and noticed that the store had just gotten in a shipment of Thanksgiving-themed stickers to affix to all sorts of items around the store. But when she took a close look at the stickers, she saw something strange. The turkey-themed sticker read "Gooble Gooble" where it should have read "Gobble Gobble." She snapped a photo of the offending typo and posted it on the SCPR website:

gooble gooble

It's obviously harmless, but it does seem strange to misspell a word so obviously phonetic. Even onomatopoeic! Brenner suggests that "Trader Joe's could have a 'gooble'-named product that's yet to debut, or perhaps they just have an advanced knowledge of turkey talk." One other possibility: Trader Joe's could be on the verge of announcing a big partnership with Nestle to promote a turkey-Goobers combo pack! No? Then someone in the supermarket chain's marketing department is going to get a tongue lashing for this one.

CORRECTION: In a hilariously ironic instance of the pot calling the kettle black, we made a typo in this article making fun of Trader Joe's typo -- in the second paragraph, we accidentally wrote "work" instead of "word," as several commenters noted. Whoops! It's now fixed, demonstrating one advantage of writing copy for the Internet rather than for printed stickers.

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