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The One Thing Khloe Kardashian's Denim Line Gets Absolutely Right

It's about time other brands followed suit.

Khloe Kardashian has zero time for the term “plus-size.”

Her body-positive denim brand, Good American, launched in the U.S. last year and debuted in the U.K. at Selfridges stores last month. The line’s unique sizing doesn’t include “plus” ― it simply offers jeans in U.S. sizes 00 to 24, no labels added or special sections necessary.

She told London’s Evening Standard the policy stems from her own experience “when I was heavier.”

“...[W]hen I used to shop with my sisters I was always really shamed and shunned by [sales assistants] who would say, ‘We don’t carry that size here,’” Kardashian said in an interview published Wednesday. “…I was always so embarrassed, so for a long time I didn’t wear denim at all. I kept getting angrier.”

As a result, Good American makes no fuss about sizing and offers all its styles in all its sizes. By contrast, most other brands stop somewhere around a U.S. jeans size 34 or 36 and either continue into “plus-size jeans” as a separate group, or don’t offer larger sizes at all.

A small selection of Good American styles. 
A small selection of Good American styles. 

Kardashian’s move is important in helping spread a culture of body positivity. In 2015 women around the globe campaigned against the plus-size label with the hashtag #DropThePlus, encouraging brands and magazines to get rid of the term they say separates rather than unifies women.

“The line is all about empowerment, making women feel great about themselves and embracing women of all shapes,” Kardashian told the Standard.

Sounds jean-ious.

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