Good and Bab Psychic Predictions for President Trump

As last year drew to a close, many complained about how 2016 was an awful year and that they were glad to see it go. But now that 2017 is here, many of us are thinking about what the coming months will bring, especially with a new president in the White House.

There’s been a lot of fear regarding this issue. If you were to go by the Facebook posts I see everyday, you’d come away thinking that we are all doomed and that peace in the United States is over. A friend of mine, for instance, is so worried about the incoming administration that he’s seeing two therapists: His regular therapist and a special ‘Trump Presidency’ therapist to help him deal with the future. My friend is convinced that the world will be ending on January 20th and he often speaks of being hauled off to a concentration camp because he is African-American.

I haven’t witnessed this much fear since I was a little boy during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. At that time, our parents gathered us in a circle before bed and asked us to pray really hard because we might not wake up in the morning. My parents rarely minced words and tried to tell us the truth about the world. To this day I thank them for being honest.

We can do one of two things about the incoming presidency. We can either A) contribute to the never-ending stream of negative energy that nothing good will ever come from President-Elect Trump, or B) choose to hope that something positive might come out of the new administration despite the dire warnings of doom from people like Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell. We can at least give Trump a chance before threatening to take to the streets or move to Costa Rica while screaming “Apocalypse Now!”

In my search to find out what might happen in the next four years, I discovered Spiritman Joseph, or Joseph Tittel, a talented clairvoyant who hails from Levittown. Tittel is a tall, blonde, tattooed guy who grew up wanting to become a police officer before discovering that he had psychic talents. Listening to Tittle’s videos is a little like listening to an articulate, unpretentious neighbor in Dunkin’ Donuts. But his predictions, unlike the predictions of mildly talented psychics, tend to come true.

So what does this psychic say about 2017? Let’s take a ride on the Spiritman roller coaster and see.

Tittel says he did not vote for Trump because he believes that he is a psychopath. Harsh words, indeed, but then he explained himself.

“I don’t like him but he’s President-Elect and we have to put positive energy around his presidency,” he said. “I’m only a Trump supporter for the moment. Trump’s a bully, but there have been many leaders of countries who have been complete psychopaths who have done great things for their country.”

I thought of my friend with the Trump therapist who fears that WWIII is coming, but Tittel says that WWIII was avoided in 2012 when indigenous Native American tribes and others, such as monks and nuns, prayed, meditated and did all sorts of ceremonial stuff to avoid that catastrophe. Trump, Tittel says, will not start WWIII, but instead he has a great opportunity to cement a peaceful relationship among China, the United States and Russia. Tittel sees Trump going to Russia and he even sees Putin coming to the United States, but probably not to Hollywood or to Rosie O’Donnell’s house.

If partisan politicos hate psychics, it’s because good psychics see what they see with little to no regard for party loyalty.

Tittel says that Trump will be one of the most well traveled presidents in U.S. history, going to the most obscure places on the globe. He also sees Trump calling more spontaneous news conferences than any other president. This prediction makes sense when you consider Trump’s propensity for instant communication (Twitter), even though Obama was the first president to Tweet.

Tittel says that President Obama had less than great intentions when he supported the Russian hacking charge. Obama did this, Tittel says, to discolor Trump’s relationship with Russia. “Obama is part of the Clinton-Bush Washington establishment whereas Trump is not establishment at all.”

Russia is not the problem, Tittel insists. China is. China is also headed for a big economic crisis. As time passes, it will become evident that China is the real threat to world peace.

As for the summer of 2017, I wish I could offer readers the column equivalent of a box of chocolate or something to make them smile, but in Tittel’s view there will be no way to sugarcoat the intense demonstrations and riots that will take place this summer across the globe.

Prepare to see established leaders being overthrown or kicked out of office and embassies attacked by ordinary citizens fed up with the status quo. There will also be multiple assassinations and assassination attempts, including an unsuccessful attempt on Trump’s life that will mirror the attempt on President Reagan’s life.

Tittel predicts a U.S. economic crisis in July, but says that the economy will rebound in a big way thanks to Trump.

It doesn’t take a psychic to know that the people Trump has surrounded himself with are generally problematic. Tittel calls the Trump Cabinet a “dark energy source” who are really not Trump’s friends, but who will secretly work for his demise. Here’s where Tittel’s predictions begin to sound like a novel by Dan Brown. Trump’s insider enemies will seek to do him harm in the next four years, including attempting to poison his food and hurt his family. Tittel is adamant: “Trump is an independent non-establishment type who is surrounding himself with the wrong people.”

I thought of a musical version of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” when Tittel said that Trump will claim another historic presidential first when he begins to fire and hire new Cabinet members with amazing frequency. Tittel says: “His Cabinet firings will be like his reality show, ‘The Apprentice.’ You’re fired!”

The scary people that Trump surrounds himself with will attempt to turn him into their puppet, but they will not succeed. Tittel also sees strange things happening in the White House, like a person being taken out in a stretcher with a blanket over his face. He does not believe that the person will be Trump, but perhaps a reporter who suffered a heart attack while attending a news conference.

“Both the United States and China love money before they love their own people,” Tittel offers, suggesting that people not invest in the stock market, IRAs, or “anything on paper.”

Tittel then goes full blast and says he looks forward to the coming Earth shift, when the two poles will shift and cause the earth “to be purified,” meaning that the darkness now on the planet will be “flooded off.” This will be a time when humanity wakes up, he says. He points to 2020 as being a significant date when “secrets and lies will no longer have merit.” 2020 or 2028 will be a time of great change. (The so-called ‘earth shift’ will also have unpleasant physical ramifications, but Tittel doesn’t go into this).

In other predictions, Tittel says:

1. Before the pole shift, Europe will be devastated by terrorism, especially France, which he sees as being wrecked into almost total oblivion by an atomic-like blast. Not by bombs from the sky but rather bombs planted underground, such as in sewers or in tunnels.

2. Trump will unleash full fury after a failed 9/11-style attack on American soil. Although the attack will be thwarted, Trump’s anger and his response will help to eradicate ISIS.

3. Pope Francis will be the last pope of the Catholic Church, although Tittel confesses the next pope might be the last pope. (Pope death predictions of this sort have always mystified me because no one ever says who will lead the Catholic Church after the last pope. Is Tittel saying the Catholic Church will end?) Tittel also says that Pope Francis will be killed by someone within his inner circle and that the death will be made to look like an illness. (Didn’t we hear a similar story with the death of Pope John Paul I?)

4. The summer of 2017 will be a time when sea- and lakefront beaches will be closed to the public because of toxic water. More and more dead fish will be washed ashore and beaches that we’ve known and loved forever will be shut down — forever.

5. Trump will complete the first term of his presidency, although there is a chance he could be impeached sometime in the 3rd or 4th year.

6. Tittel says people should stay away from Wal-Mart, where he sees mass shootings occurring.

7. He advises against traveling to Israel and the Middle East after May 2017.

8. He advises travelers to avoid booking hotel rooms in Trump-owned businesses, especially overseas where they will be the target of terrorists.

9. The Mexican wall will be started, but it will not be completed. According to Tittell, in time it will become apparent that where we really needed a wall was along our northern border.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,” as Albert Einstein once said.

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