'Good Books' Animation Contains Wild Hunter S. Thompson-Inspired Visuals

Animation studio Buck is known for mind-bending creative work for clients including Google, Honda and the Sundance Festival - so when they turned their attention to Good Books, the New Zealand-based online store that gives all their profits to Oxfam, something strange was always going to result.

It was created for the New Zealand communications agency String Theory, who would like it made clear that "what you will see is an entirely fictional and completely unendorsed representation. [Though we humbly suggest Hunter S Thompson might have liked it.] We are devoted fans paying homage. No disrespect is intended."

Showcasing what we can only describe as a 'Hunter-Esque Thompson' in search of Kafka's "Metamorphosis", it's a stunning and strange visual feast. Click above, and press "full screen" to watch and enjoy.