Good Books Every Woman Should Read

Good Books Every Woman Should Read

Women like books. We know this. We know it from the statistics -- according to an often cited study by the publishing research firm Bowker, women bought 64 percent of all books sold in 2009 -- from the runaway popularity of female book clubs, and from our own lives. Try just mentioning one of your favorite books the next time you're with a group of female friends. Whether it's "Little Women," "The Bell Jar," or your favorite Judy Blume, someone in the group is almost guaranteed to recognize it and say something along the lines of "god, I looooved that boooook." Which may devolve -- no, evolve -- into a conversation about all the books you've mutually loved and when you read them and why they moved you at that time in your life. It'll be an instant "love, loss and what I read" party. Please do try this at home.

If you play this game for long enough, a few titles will probably emerge as books every woman would benefit from reading. That's what happened in our office this week. Inspired by the Frisky's list of "22 Books Every Woman Needs To Read," we asked the female staff of the Huffington Post which books they consider essential reading for women. Flip through our choices below. They're not in any order, and this is not meant to be a comprehensive list. Instead we hope you'll help us round it out. If you have a suggestion of your own, please email the title and why women should read it to

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'Are You There God, It's Me Margaret' By Judy Blume

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