'Good Chemistry' Video: 16-Year-Old Explains Chemical Bonds Through Adorable Love Story

Talk about a close bond with your chemistry homework.

The above video project was apparently created by 10th grader Eli Cirino in an attempt to explain basic chemical relationships to his science class through a real-life, musical love story. According to a proud parent (who uploaded the work onto YouTube and later, Reddit), the 16-year-old created the song, vocal, and video himself, and the animation scenes were done using construction paper.

Here is a sampling of the song's adorable -- and hilarious -- lyrics: "The story starts with me and you, a positive ion and negative, too. There's millions of you that I could choose from, but you're the one for me 'cause you're the closest one..."

And it seems Eli may not be alone in feeling charged up about his science lesson: According to a recent report from the U.S. Education Department, science and math classes are becoming more popular among high school students.

We can only hope this will result in even more awesome science and math-related class projects-turned-viral videos. In the meantime, check out a roundup of a few of our favorite teen-made 'Math Raps' in the below slideshow.



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