'Good Eggs': A Comic About Infertility

I love to tell stories, especially ones in which I am the star. Autobiographical comix are a natural medium for me. A few years ago I was complaining to my friend the cartoonist Paul Karasik about the fertility odyssey my husband and I were on. He suggested I do "five pages on fertility" as a comic. The result is my comic book memoir "Good Eggs" which was published this week.

I've learned recently that many women feel ashamed to talk about their struggles with infertility. It never occurred to me to be ashamed to talk about it -- the only reason I didn't tell many folks when I was going through it is because you never know when someone is going to say something stupid. It's not that I want to distance myself from the herd -- no, hordes -- of women going through this. It's that I am an artist who happened to be going through infertility. Drawing and writing about it wasn't just cathartic, it's what I do.

"Good Eggs" is definitely a close look at fertility treatments, but it's also a chronicle of my patchy professional life, my return (after many years of wandering among goyim) to Judaism, a primer on a 20-somethings depression, and a love letter to my darling husband. My infertility is the trope throughout, and it's a subject rich with stories. Stories in which I happen to be the star.

"Good Eggs" can be purchased here. Visit Phoebe on her website.

Rotten Eggs
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