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The Best Sex Toys For Beginners To Add To The Bedroom

Calling all adult novelty novices.

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These sex toys for first-timers won't have you feeling blue at all.
These sex toys for first-timers won't have you feeling blue at all.

Let’s face it: Adding a sex toy to the mix with a partner for the first time can be a little intimidating.

Though most of us associate sex toys with solo use, that’s often not the case. In fact, sex toy use appears to have increased over the past decade as the stigma around using toys solo or with a partner has dissipated.

According to an article in Psychology Today, “couples who can explore novel ways of being intimate — including trying out one or more sex toys — tend to fare better in terms of maintaining passion and desire.”

Still, if you’re wanting to introduce sex toys into your relationship, you probably don’t want one that looks intimidating and gets in the way of your intimacy.

But, if you’ve been bummed by the options out there when online window shopping for fun sexessories, don’t give up on getting lucky. There are actually a lot of toys for beginners that will have you feeling frisky in no time.

Here, we found tasteful toys that will ruffle your feathers in a good way. (There’s a feather tickler for that, after all.)

Take a peek at these sex toys that are perfect for couples:

A pillow that has your back
You can leave this pillow lying around in your bedroom without feeling weird. It's meant to support you and your partner during sex so you two can get creative. Find it at Dame.
A "bean" that's for beginners
The "Bean" has only one button, is quiet and waterproof. So it's not complicated to use. You can keep it to yourself or share. Lots of reviewers say it's easy to use. Find it at Unbound.
Handcuffs that don't come with all the complicated stuff
No locks, knots or buckles on these. So they won't drive you crazy when you want to be with your partner. Find it at Unbound.
A finger vibrator that'll go the way you want it to
Satisfaction will be at your fingertips. This might just make "foreplay into moreplay," says this vibrator's description. Find it at Dame.
Easy-to-get-off bondage tape to get it on
Don't let this tape scare you away: It's easy to remove and it only sticks to itself. And who doesn't like a little danger? Find it at Unbound.
A mini massager
Just slip it on two fingers and do your thing. Find it at Babeland.
A book that'll add some ~spice~ to your love life
Urban Outfitters
This one doesn't need much of an explanation. But you can easily just keep this one at your secret spot and flip the pages when you and your partner are ready. Find it at Urban Outfitters.
A pleasure kit that's filled with toys
If you're looking for beginner-friendly bondage, this kit will be right up your alley. It has adjustable restraints, blindfold, tickler and a vibrator that's for first-timers, too. Find it at Lovehoney.
A ring to take it to the next level
This vibrating ring can fit on your tongue or fingers. It's one-time use only. Find it at Babeland.
A basic bullet vibrator that has a lot of buzz
If you and your special someone are looking for a mini vibrator that'll do its job, look no further. This one's top-rated and supposed to be "non-intimidating choice for beginners," the description says. Find it at Lovehoney.
A teaser made out of feathers
It's meant for a teasing good time. Find it at LELO.
A lube that's good, clean fun and condom-safe
You can't have toys without lube. This lube's water-based and condom-safe. Use it with a favorite toy, especially since it's meant to have a non-irritating formula. And it's got a light vanilla and lemon scent. Find it at Target.
Get lit with a massage candle
There's nothing more innocuous than a candle. But this candle can be used with your partner: the melted oil can be massage into the skin. Or just use it to make your bedroom smell nicer to get in the ~mood~. Find it at Maude.
A kit that includes the makings of an old-fashioned for some good old-fashioned fun
You'll need to get the alcohol on your own, but this kit comes with aromatic bitters and cane sugar. Plus, you'll have a vial of lube and two lubricated latex condoms, too. Find it at Maude.
A little wand with 10 different intensity levels
It doesn't look like a vibrator, but this wand boasts seven patterns and an ergonomic handle. Find it at Lovehoney.