Good Fortune for Off-Broadway's Manipulation

The newest developments in the run of Manipulation at the Cherry Lane Theatre include a magnificent performance by one of our talented understudies, as well as a move to television by a cast member.

For five performances last weekend, John Patrick Driscoll, our Revolutionary Soldier and fight captain, took up the complex and challenging role of Dr. Lubitz. Replacing the inimitable Jeremy Holmes, Mr. Driscoll played the role with aplomb, nuance, and depth. This is no easy task for any actor in a role, let alone an understudy who doesn't have the advantage of the full rehearsal process. It was a truly exciting and compelling performance. Bravo!

In other news, our lead actress, the beautiful and gifted Marina Squerciati received a recurring role on the television show Gossip Girl. Her current and future success should come as no surprise to those who have seen her work. Come see her powerful yet delicate performance as Christina, live on stage.

Our production is blessed with many amazing collaborators. Among others, our sound and light board operator Alexander Fishman is a technician at the top of his field. His work brings to life the beautiful world of our play including sets designed by Bill Stabile, lights by Kirk Bookman, sound by Jeremy Lee, and costumes by Alejo Vietti and China Lee. Moving into our fourth week of the run, we are all, cast and crew, continuing to deepen and explore our work in Victoria Calderon's complex and poetic drama. This level of talent and craft, as well as artistic exploration and courage is the epitome of Off Broadway. A production not to be missed!

Viva el teatro!