Comic Gets Trump Supporter To Give A Head-Spinning Defense Of Herschel Walker

Watch as this guy ties himself up in knots while attempting to justify his support for the Senate candidate.

A Georgia voter decked out in a Donald Trump hat got lost in some twisted logic in a new video from the prankster duo known as The Good Liars.

The voter, who said he believes abortion is murder, is also a supporter of Herschel Walker, the state’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and supposed pro-lifer who has been accused of pressuring two women into getting abortions.

Comic Jason Selvig asked the voter to justify his support in light of the accusations, and... well... just check out what happened:

The Good Liars recently pranked Walker at a campaign event, with Selvig joining the candidate on stage and then offering him condoms.

The Good Liars are known for their viral moments, including one where they trolled National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre during the organization’s convention.

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