Pranksters Troll MAGA Faithful With Brutally Honest 'Trump Bible'

The Good Liars offered some blunt readings from a bible that could only come from the former president.

A pair of pranksters gave fans of Donald Trump a look at what a bible true to the former president might really contain.

“Thou shalt put no other person above Trump,” Davram Stiefler of The Good Liars read to MAGA fans waiting outside a recent Trump event.

“Thou shalt commit adultery,” read Jason Selvig, the other half other comedic duo.

Trump last month began hawking a “God Bless The USA Bible” ― which includes the Bible, lyrics to “God Bless The USA,” and copies of documents such as the Declaration of Independence ― to fans for $59.99.

“It’s a grift, right?” Stiefler said as he attempted to sell their version of the book for a much-reduced price of $10.

They even had some takers:

The Good Liars have frequently attend Trump events, then shared videos of their encounters with the MAGA faithful. They’ve made it onto right-wing television, and even managed to troll Wayne LaPierre, who was then head of the NRA, to his face at one of the gun group’s events.

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