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Good Morning, Normandy

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Normandy offers a peaceful contrast to Paris. I just had to share the way the day greeted me, a few minutes out of bed, in my cute little B&B in Honfleur. I'm here updating the France guidebook with co-author Steve Smith. Here's the listing for this place:

La Cour Ste. Catherine is an enchanting bed-and-breakfast run by the big-hearted Madame Giaglis ("call me Liliane") and her husband, Monsieur Liliane (a.k.a. Antoine). Their six big, modern rooms -- each with a separate sitting area -- surround a perfectly Norman courtyard with a small terrace, fine plantings, and a cozy lounge area ideal for cool evenings (Db-€90, includes breakfast, Rue du Puits 74, tel. 02 31 89 42 40,

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