Here Are The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week (April 15-21)

Gina Rodriguez stars in a new movie about partying in New York City.

The Notable Netflix Movie: “Someone Great” joins the service on April 19. The cast includes Gina Rodriguez in the main role, as well as Lakeith Stanfield, Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise. You can read a description of this Netflix Original movie and watch the trailer below.

The Others: Netflix has a couple of other Originals debuting on April 19 ― both are foreign films. “A Fortunate Man” follows an engineer striving for success in Copenhagen. In “Music Teacher,” a, well, music teacher in a small town goes through an emotional journey when a former pupil returns as the Bollywood star the teacher always dreamed of becoming.

The non-Original movies “The New Romantic” and “I, Daniel Blake” also join the service this week.

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"Someone Great" on Netflix.
Sarah Shatz/Netflix
"Someone Great" on Netflix.

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The Most Notable Movie Coming To Netflix This Week

“Someone Great” | April 19

"Someone Great" on Netflix.
Sarah Shatz/Netflix
"Someone Great" on Netflix.

Premise: A woman exiting her twenties (Gina Rodriguez) decides to have one last New York City adventure before moving to San Francisco for a dream job in music journalism. Her boyfriend (Lakeith Stanfield) of nearly a decade breaks up with her instead of agreeing to a long-distance relationship, so the young woman leans on her two best friends (DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow) for emotional support.

Sum-Up: This has a stacked cast of respected young actors. Beyond the four lead roles, cameos include Jaboukie Young-White, Questlove and Alex Moffat from “Saturday Night Live.”

Heads-Up: Reviews aren’t out yet. The trailer makes this look pretty forgettable, but perhaps this will be better than that. Since this has an NYC setting and focuses on a music journalist, I thought this was going to involve the LCD Soundsystem song “Someone Great,” but it appears to have nothing to do with that famous New York band. Disappointing!


Here’s the full list of movies joining Netflix this week:

April 15

  • “The New Romantic”

April 19

  • “A Fortunate Man” (Netflix Film)

  • “I, Daniel Blake”

  • “Music Teacher” (Netflix Film)

  • “Someone Great” (Netflix Film)

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